Do you feel anxious before exams?

Stress is a state of physical, mental or emotional factors that may lead to physical or mental illness. Major problem that we see throughout the world in students is - Examination Stress.

Examination stress causes negative impact on academic progress and mental health.

According to a study published in the US based International journal of psychology and behavioral sciences titled 'Academic stress, Parental pressure, Anxiety and mental health among Indian High School students 2015' - 81.6% of secondary school students in India suffer examination anxiety and stress.

One of the main reasons for exam stress is that the student is not prepared enough or lack of preparation and over confidence. Reason can be the distraction caused during studies such as noises around the student, social media, mental disturbance and many more. Students also stress because of the unwieldy syllabus. Many complaints have been made against the Indian education system as it is more inclined towards memorization and takes long systematic study hours thus leaving less time for recreational activities and socialization. Although our new education policy aim towards to prepare students to face the challenges of the new world. There will be more courses that are skill-based and will enhance the practical skills of the students but for now students have major issue because of this system.

In this fast-paced world our education system is still stuck with the monotonous rote learning method. Students are made to memorize information through the method of regular repetition. This prevents healthy discussion between teacher and student that leads to blockage of creative minds. Students stress over memorizing the concepts that could have been made them understand and not only cramming.

In our society self- worth of a student is determined by the academic success. Our society usually judge a child on the basis of grades and not on the basis of individual qualities that they possess. In this competitive world they fear that they would lack behind as they have pressure from their family and schools or colleges.